Pappa & Amma

1982 August 15-our country was celebrating 35th year of independence and myself and amma were bound by the strings of a new born baby.Yes that was the day you became  part of our life.From the childhood itself you have been a WONDER GIRL.The laurels you brought during the school days were countless and invaluable.Our house practically could not contain the trophies you won.You surprised us, thrilled us and filled us with joy and pride.Only one day you made us cry;the day you flew away to Singapre for higher studies.The pangs of separation was unbearable.More and more laurels were waiting for you there.In 2007 you presented us with the greatest gift so far-our son-dear dear SHIVANU.Almighty has showered blessings on us and every moment we are thanking him falling on his feet.Now you are reaching 30.This is not just another birth day.You are in the most prestigious status of a woman-MOTHERHOOD.With the grace of GOD you are going to present us with the most precious gift in life. All prayers.All the best