Dear Shilp

Am sure the spark in you, your talents don’t need my endorsement, even though I was one of the ealier witness to all of it. As children, I was always in awe of everything you did. I often found myself wishing I was more like you since it seemed that there was nothing that you could not do.

With time, our thoughts change and we think differently as compared to what we did as kids. Usually. But the truth is I still admire your enthusiasm and zest. I often wonder how it is that you manage to do everything that you do.

Am so glad you were a part of my life very early on and growing up with you was absolute fun.

Life takes us on our paths and though we do not see each other as often, the minute we are together, we just space out into our own little world, which is always so blissful.

I wish your a very happy 30th birthday and pray that your life remains as inspiring and beautiful forever! 🙂