English. 120 Minutes . 16 days shoot. Zero Budget.

4 Film Festivals . 1 Award.

Mausams (2011) was Shilpa’s first feature film. What started off as a small personal project with Shilpa taking the role of writer, producer, director, cinematographer, dubbing engineer and what not, shot with the help of her friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who wanted to chip in without a monetary reward, Mausams became a full blown feature film after the toil of 1.5 years. After its successful run of 2 weeks at Singapore’s Arts House, it went on to 4 film festivals around the world and picked up an award too!
Recognition for Mausams:
  • Winner, Silver Screen Award, 2011 Nevada Film Festival, USA
  • Official Selection, 2011 Silver River Film Festival, USA
  • Official Selection, 2012 Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh
  • Official Selection, 2012 Delhi International Film Festival, India
You can watch Mausams here: