Mamma & Papa

As proud parents of two brilliant, dutiful   sons we felt  we were truly blessed and were revelling in our children’s achievements. However, The Almighty had more amazing gifts in store for us which came in the form of Shilpa, Shivanu’s soulmate. She complemented Shivanu, and initiated us into the delightful world of a loving daughter.

Shilpa is a total package… achiever, profusely talented, accomplished, the person with a Midas touch achieving success in every walk of life yet modest and grounded. Endowed with an honest and genuine heart, a compassionate and understanding approach , being a patient listener, a reassuring  counsellor she dons several mantles .

For us she has filled the void of a daughter to whom we can pour our hearts out  giving us moral support.  Her sweet and friendly temperament has won the hearts of all the members of the family so that today she is the cynosure of all eyes.

God bless her  and shower her with every happiness possible.