Shilpa, when I think of you, the first few words that come to my mind are focus, discipline, determination and achievements….over the last decade, its been wonderful to see you grow as an individual, an artist, a performer, a professional, a girl-friend and a wife and its really impressive to see how you consciously weave these elements beautifully into your life.

On your 30th birthday celebrate all your achievements and accomplishments and get set to chronicle the upcoming 30 beautiful years. Am sure this one will be special as you usher in a new life in to your and Shivanu’s life (had to mention Shivanu so that the score gets up to 92-78;) )

Three cheers to the baby on its way, Daddy-Daddy, GIIS, more films, more awards, achieving 98-98 on the Shilpa-Shivanu scorecard and more…..I’ll be there to take many more DSLR shots under my able guidance to capture those moments;)